Friday, March 20, 2015

Houston Juvenile Attorney Andy Nolen, Will My Child Be Released by the Juvenile Court Judge?

Will My Child Be Released by the Juvenile Court Judge?
Houston Juvenile Attorney

I have heard so many stories about kids just being locked up and spending months in jail waiting for trial and not ever being released to their parents.  Is that true?  When the Juvenile Court Judge is trying to determine whether to release a juvenile or keep him detained, what does the judge consider?

The Juvenile Court Judge considers 5 factors when making the determination as to releasing the child to a parent or guarding or to hold the child in the detention center awaiting court--(1) whether the child is likely to run away or be taken outside the jurisdiction of the court, (2) whether a parent or guardian can provide suitable care, supervision and protection for the child, (3) whether the  child has a parent or guardian who will return him to court at all of his court settings, (4) whether the child may be a danger to himself or others if released from juvenile detention and (5) whether the child has a history of having been found to have engaged in delinquent conduct and is likely to commit a new offense if released.

If parents (or guardians) are seeking their child's release from detention, it is very important that they be present at the detention hearing with a good juvenile defense lawyer to ask the judge to released their child.

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