- Attorney Andy Nolen


"I hired Andy Nolen to represent me on a case involving an undercover police officer and a sting operation. Even though I was quilty and caught red handed, Andy Nolen was able to get me a 3 month deffered probation with no fine and no community service. I've actually bragged to my friends about the deal I got and no one has ever heard of anyone getting a 3 month probation. I told Mr. Nolen from the beginning I would take the jail time they were offering and hen insisted I wait until he had pursued all possible better options. I'm very happy I found him when I Googled Best Criminal Attorney, he was number 1 for good reason."

"I  hired Andy Nolen to represent me on a possession case. He actually came out to my house and met with my family and people involved in the case. One thing I really liked was that he actually printed out all my court records and handed them to me in a folder the first time we met. I felt involved in every step of the process. I would highly recommend Andy Nolen to anyone needing a crimnal defense lawyer."

"Andy Nolen was recommended to me by a friend. Mr. Nolen is very smart and full of energy. We talked about my case for at least 3 hours which i really appreciated. He worked really hard on my case and i would hire him again although i hope I never need to."

"Andy Nolen is an experienced criminal and juvenile defense attorney who defends adults and juveniles with a passion. Over the year he has touched and positively impacted the lives of my 2 children."